Facebook Advertising Training Options

Basic Facebook Marketing Class ($400)

  • Overview of current social/digital marketing state of affairs and action plan for moving forward
  • Creation of targeted audience to match your desired target client demographics
  • Published first targeted ad
  • 7-14 day follow up call/meeting to determine success of first ad and how to move forward to future ads
  • Total of four hours training time

Advanced Facebook Marketing Class ($600)

  • Everything listed in Basic Class
  • Creation of Custom Audiences
    • Uploaded Email Lists
    • Website Traffic Lists
  • Further Information and Plan on A/B split testing of ads
  • Total of six hours of training time

Master Class ($1200)

  • All of the above options for both levels of class
  • Digital Marketing complete plan and funnel creation
  • Content creation and distribution strategy
  • Monthly follow up calls/meetings for 6 months to determine progress
  • Total of 15 hours training/coaching time

Further Options

  • If you don’t want to manage any part of your social media marketing we can do that for you as well.